Jim Ellison of Tykes News Magazine Reviews ‘Devotion To Song’, an Album by Kath Reade

With seven recordings under her belt since ‘Songs to be Sung’ at the turn of the millennium Kath is at the top of her game and this fine offering shows her at her lyrical best.

The second track, ‘Heart & Head’, is sounding Country as Kath bemoans growing up, leaving behind her childhood. It’s a-rite-of-passage song which will resonate with many of us. Hopefully she’s hung onto her inner child, mine is a constant comfort. Her lyrics are very personal and often elegant and the very different musical styles she employs keeps you interested. The unaccompanied ‘Kathleen’ best captures the feel of a traditional tune and her delivery is pleasingly without artifice. ‘Soul for a Soul’, a love song, is my favourite track of the twelve. It has Shaun Reade’s piano open and soaring giving space for Kath’s voice. A bare, vulnerable sound. Lovely.

A bare, vulnerable sound. Lovely.

Overall the album displays a production excellence bar none, and all became clear when I noticed it was recorded at Splid Studios. This means the Durbervilles’ David Crickmore has had a hand and, indeed, here he is, producing and playing mandolin, guitar, bass, organ, percussion, autoharp and backing vocals. Rebekah Findlay’s violin and Frank Wood’s harp are solid and David Hornberger’s cello and Shaun Reade’s piano are indispensable for the overall sound. It’s a lesson in how to get quality music out to a wider audience and have a great time playing music with your mates while doing it.

Jim Ellison.

“Kath is at the top of her game and this fine offering shows her at her lyrical best”