Tim Carroll of FolkWords Magazine reviews ‘Let Your Heart Sing’, an album by Kath Reade

The human compassion and implicit understanding that exudes from ‘Let Your Heart Sing’, the latest album from Kath Reade is enough to break through the hardened shell of a cynical journalist, well almost. It’s not often that you’re treated to a thoroughly uplifting, feel-good album, there’s always a catch. Often there’s a distinct feel that the benevolence is manufactured, alternatively, with certain ‘inspirational’ albums there’s that awful apprehension that any minute the album will break into totally artificial ‘happy-clappy’ joyousness. Not this one. Not a bit of it. Here’s a singer songwriter believing and living every word, and it comes through as wholly sincere.

With an earnest, amiable voice that makes its point without the need for anything to add other than calmly poignant lyrics, Kath’s songs prompt the art of attentive listening. Along with the lush vocals and some insistent electric fiddle cuts, there’s a highly addictive hook and luscious melody behind ‘Flash is in a Punk Band’, the tranquil involving narrative of ‘Singing as One’ and then there’s the sombre sorrow of ‘So Strange’ examining how love changes – “There’s a history between you that you’re both dragging around” … so often true. Kath offers a perceptive scrutiny through ‘An Ordinary Man’ while the achingly mournful recounting of ‘Dozen Red Carnations’ is as potent as they come. And there’s the absolutely perfect ‘Life is like a Shakespeare Play’ … a personal tale, but if those a certain age don’t identify with its sentiment I’ll be amazed.

“Kath’s songs prompt the art of attentive listening”

The next time you feel you’re swimming against the tide, this music will lift you above the waves. Some of the lyrics may ‘bring water to the eyes’ because their touch is perfect. Find Kath Reade here: www.kathreade.com

Playing on ‘Let Your Heart Sing’ are Kath Reade (vocals, guitar, spinning gong), Rob van Sante (backing vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, ebow, ukulele, percussion, drums, double bass, bodhranshakuhachi, keyboards), Alan Reid (accordion, harpsichord), Ian Fairbairn (electric fiddle), Shaun Reade (piano, double bass), Tony Charnock (fiddle) and Rahel Guzelian (backing vocal).

Tim Carroll, FolkWorks

“Here’s a singer songwriter believing and living every word, and it comes through as wholly sincere.”