Kath is delighted to announce the publication of her latest book, ‘The Powerhouse Of Meditation – From Stress To Vitality’.

Deeply experienced and inspirational to many in her meditations, songs and teachings, Kath has written this book to be both a meditation in itself and an indispensable easy guide to meditation in only 100 pages.

The book helps the reader to access the great benefits of a daily meditation practice to their health and well being, whether they are experienced or a beginner. There is a free 14 day YouTube playlist of 5 minute meditations with Kath to accompany the book to help establish a daily practice.

There are also guidelines on how to run a community meditation group along with guided meditations and readings. 

If you’re wondering if meditation could help you, or even if you’ve been practicing meditation for years, this book will appeal and has lots to offer.


‘Your meditations and mantras are so beautiful. Thank you.’ DEVA PREMAL AND MITEN


‘The meditation techniques Kath shares with our community are a great help. It got me through the bad times losing family to Covid and it is helping me now, to re adjust and to find peace.’ TOM HARRISON, VANGUARD COMMUNITY CENTRE

You can purchase a signed copy of Kath’s latest book right here in her online shop, or for an unsigned version or the Kindle version head to Amazon.