Whilst many spent lockdown staring at Netflix or trying to remember how to teach algebra to a 5 year old, Kath decided to take an altogether more harmonious approach to keeping in touch with her friends and followers and took to the internet via Facebook Live, guitar in arms. The resulting ‘Lockdown Live’ performances aimed to provide a platform for Kath to stay active in her musical endeavours, and to hopefully provide some entertainment and indeed solace to her followers stuck at home.

The performances were widely shared and amassed many thousands of views, likes and comments from listeners across the globe with some fans even requesting chord schemes and lead sheets so they could learn the songs themselves. Kath is always delighted when someone wants to learn her stuff – it’s there to be enjoyed and what bigger compliment is there to one’s work?

If you’d like to look back on the Lockdown Live performances or find out when Kath’s next online performance is happening click below.