Jumping Over My Shadow – The Travel Diaries of Kath Reade (Signed Copy)


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By Kath Reade (2022) (Paperback Book – Signed Copy))

Jumping Over My Shadow – The Travel Diaries of Kath Reade is Kath’s debut book. Released on World Book Day, it is already a best seller reaching #1 in the UK, Canada and Australia and #12 in America.

The book is a collection of enthralling, humorous and at times poignant accounts of Kath’s travels around the world, seen through her own eyes, and relayed to the reader in such a way that they feel they are right there with her.

4 in stock (can be backordered)



‘Wonderful!’ ‘Delightful.’ ‘Fascinating.’

Very rarely does a travel writer transport you so well that you immediately feel like you are right there. Jumping Over My Shadow, Kath Reade’s travel diaries are so well written – rich, detailed, amusing, evocative and a total feast of deliciously fun adventure.

Kath Reade takes you big road trips across the USA, to island hopping in the Hebrides, across to the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, north to Scotland, off to Paris, Florence and South Africa. The descriptions are detailed, the anecdotes charming and at times hilarious – you will be on board from take-off.

Kath Reade has had an amazing professional executive career, has been a civic leader and Chairwoman on various NHS Trusts rmanaging billion pound budgets … and in her spare time she’s a folk singer and poet… and now a travel writer.

Praise for Kath Reade’s travel diaries:
‘What fun! I find your descriptions to be so delicious. I close my eyes and I can see the canals, smell the Adriatic! Thank you for taking me to a place that calls to my heart, and to a time of pure joy in my own life. Bless you.’

‘I love falling into your word pictures.’

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