• By Kath Reade (2022) (Paperback Book - Signed Copy)

    This new very readable book holds the key to inner peace and a fulfilled life.

    Wonderful. Simple. Profound.

    ‘Your meditations and mantras are so beautiful. Thank you.’ DEVA PREMAL AND MITEN

    '‘I can feel the Qi power between the lines.' Zhixing Wang
  • By Kath Reade (2022) (Paperback Book - Signed Copy))

    Jumping Over My Shadow - The Travel Diaries of Kath Reade is Kath's debut book. Released on World Book Day, it is already a best seller reaching #1 in the UK, Canada and Australia and #12 in America. The book is a collection of enthralling, humorous and at times poignant accounts of Kath's travels around the world, seen through her own eyes, and relayed to the reader in such a way that they feel they are right there with her.
  • By Kath Reade (2022) (Paperback Book - Signed Copy)

    Kath Reade takes you on tour of The British Isles from the Orkneys, Northern Ireland, the wild Isle of Arran in Scotland, to North Wales, on a meditation retreat in Devon and even the Shropshire Canal.

    The Places That Call My Heart - Travelling the British Isles includes some of the stories from her global travel compendium as well as some new adventures to get your teeth into so sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • By Kath Reade (2015) (CD)

    Kath wrote these songs about people she worked with in deprived communities in Manchester. “… its simplicity is just wonderful, and its attachment to a community – and real community politics – is something Bono and his pals could only dream of.” – Boff Whalley (Chumbawamba) “…an excellent album that is poignant, uplifting and comes from the heart.” – David Chamberlain Fatea Magazine
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