Let Your Heart Sing


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By Kath Reade (2015) (CD)

‘The next time you feel you’re swimming against the tide, this music will lift you above the waves.’ Tim Carroll of Folkwords.

Kath is back with another collection of her own songs and is joined by a plethora of musical talent. You know you want to!

50 in stock (can be backordered)



All songs by Kath Reade (Rori Mountain Music © 2015 PRS / MCPS) All Rights Reserved

Produced by Rob Van Sante, Red Sands Records

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Rob Van Sante at RVS Music Productions, Leeds, UK

Kath Reade Acoustic guitar, vocals

Rob Van Sante backing vocals, guitar, choir, ukulele, percussion, drums, bass

Shaun Reade piano, double bass

Alan Reid accordion, harpsichord

Tony Charnock fiddle

Ian Fairbairn electric fiddle

Rahel Guzelian backing vocal


Track Listing 

  1. Flash is in a Punk Band
  2. Singing as One
  3. Let Your Heart Sing
  4. So Strange How Love Changes
  5. An Ordinary Man
  6. Dozen Red Carnations
  7. Life is Like a Shakespeare Play
  8. In the Jungle (Kath Reade / S Linda)
  9. My Dog Jess
  10. Friendship


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